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I have been a late musician in life despite being involved with music from very young ages after a career of nearly 30 years in aviation.

Music has always been there in many forms somehow and there has been a huge inspiration to start initially as a DJ which thereafter led myself to produce my own music.

I'd like to share the ideas and thoughts which I believe it makes any work much more valuable and I strongly believe the power of a good teamwork.

Please follow me on social media to listen to my tracks that will hopefully bring some good vibes and joy to everyone


DJ & Producer

Istanbul born musician John Ercan has stepped in to the music world at a young age initially by singing in front of his class mates in the 70's.

Thereafter he has joined the school band and took some singing and dancing classes and shortly after that he has joined the school chorus when he was in the high school.

Although the university years, military service time and the aviation academy and his flying career took him away from his music activities for some time, he never stopped getting involved with music despite the limited resources in his country of birth at the time.

After having flown as a pilot for so many years, John has decided to put his ideas together by starting private lessons to become a DJ first.

He then couldn't resist the idea of making his own music by putting those sounds together which usually includes the lyrics from his true life story.

He has been a DJ and a producer as well as working as an airline pilot around the clock which he believes that is a source of a great inspiration to make music.


Practice is the vital part but I believe the most important part is to be a good listener



Want to learn more about John Ercan-DJ and Producer, his experience, services and his professional music development? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Playing at the Big Boyz Festival in May 2018 starting the setup with my debut single "Come&Get Me"


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